Monday, August 27, 2012

The Shadow 11

“He doesn’t know you can change back and forth,” Sarah paused. “But that doesn’t mean he won’t try to hurt Lady Edgington. And if Lady Edgington disappears he might put two and two together.”
“Just because we show up doesn’t mean I have to stay there. I can leave and they will never know it,” Marissa said convincingly.
“I don’t know,” Sarah replied hesitating. “There must be another way.”
“I don’t know what else to do to find Sean,” Marissa cried.
“We can try I suppose, but I don’t want you in any danger.”
“I will be very careful.”
“All right. We will go to Dr. Bering’s house. You’ll have to take off your clothes when we get there. We can use your cloak as a cover to prove you are there, but at any sign of trouble lose the cloak and get out,” Sarah instructed.
“That’s fine,” Marissa agreed.
Together they walked through the dark streets of London until they were standing in front of Dr. Bering’s dark home. With invisible hands Sarah picked the lock and entered through the very door Marissa had on the first two visits. Silently they entered the house and made their way to the basement lab.
Marissa could hear voices below and a chill ran through her body. The covering of the cloak was too thin for this work, but she mentally created the feeling of an invisible layer to remove the discomfort.
They reached the bottom step and Sarah stepped into the room keeping Marissa behind her. John was alone in the room working on some type of solution. Marissa checked to make sure she was still invisible as she followed Sarah into the room.
“I’ve kept my bargain,” Sarah announced loudly making Marissa and John jump.
“Oh,” John said standing and coming closer.
“I’ve brought you the Shadow, now I wan’t your word that my daughter won’t be harmed,” Sarah threatened.
“Well now how do we know this is the Shadow,” Dr. Bering said coming up behind them.
Marissa stepped back barely missing his arm as it struck toward her. In an instant she shed the cloak and moved away from Dr. Bering and John. She had no idea where Sarah was.
“This is treachery, Jarvis,” Sarah calls from across the room.
“I can see you brought our dear friend the Shadow. Tell me, how did you capture her?” Jarvis asked tauntingly.
“She convinced me it would be in my best interest to talk with you seeing how you’ve cursed me to her same fate,” Marissa said in a quiet, deadly voice.
“I do apologize for that, but we needed to know if it would work on its own or if we had to have both doses together. Our employer is very particular,” Jarvis replied.
“We made a deal, Jarvis,” Sarah began. “You said if I brought her you would leave my daughter alone.”
“I did say that, didn’t I,” Jarvis said thoughtfully. “Well I lied. I figured you would try to trick me so I took steps.”
“What have you done?” Sarah asked in a frightened voice.
Marissa trembled.
“Oh the Lady will be receiving a message from her dear steward that she won’t be able to refuse. I think it’s time Lady Edgington joined our little party don’t you?” Jarvis said with a sneer.
Marissa had to force herself to remain invisible. Every time Jarvis mentioned her title she could feel the invisibility fading.
“I suggest you stop this or I will have to take steps,” Sarah said. Suddenly a knife appeared next to John’s throat. “Your little scientist has been a menace to the world long enough. I have gotten used to not being seen.”
Jarvis froze in place and John paled beneath the knife’s blade. Marissa watched as John fumbled on the table and then he had a needle in his hand.
“Watch out, Sarah!” Marissa shouted.
Sarah moved just a little too slow and the needle jabbed her hand. She dropped the knife and quickly pulled the needle out. 
“Go,” Sarah called back and Marissa wheeled around and made for the door, but it shut before she could leave.
Jarvis stood guarding their only exit. Marissa did the only thing that came to her head and threw a jar of liquid at him. He dove away as the liquid smashed against the door leaving a mess of oozing yellow stuff all over the floor. The door yanked open just ahead of her and Marissa jumped over the mess and into the hall.
“After them,” Jarvis shouted.
“Oh no! Not the solution!” John was crying.
Marissa didn’t wait to hear any more. She followed the sound of light footsteps out of the house and out into the street.

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